PV Watt-Box

The Benefits of PV Storage with a PV Watt-Box

Solar panels generate electricity in daylight hours. Now you can store the solar power you generate during the day to use in the evening with a PV Watt-Box.

As the PV system generates power any excess energy is stored by the PV Watt-Box.

As the sun sets and solar generation declines, the

PV Watt-Box uses the stored power to provide solar generated energy into the evening.

When the PV Watt-Box is depleted the national grid supply will then automatically be used.

In addition, the intelligent energy management system will use stored energy in the PV Watt-Box to provide a level of electricity in the event of power cut.

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  • Use more self generated solar power
  • Save even more as energy costs increase
  • Maintain power in a power cut
  • Reduce fuel bills even further
  • Minimise reliability on grid power

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