Have yourself a merry solar powered Christmas
Friday, 22 November 2013 17:28

We are advising people to think about the energy they use in the run up to Christmas (2013).

During the festive season household electricity consumption increases significantly so we have compiled some tips to help homeowners save energy this Christmas.

One of the main reasons electricity consumption soars during the festive season is because people use more power to heat their homes and there is also the addition of Christmas lighting.

According to GoCompare during the festive period a display of 100 five watt bulbs, which are switched on for six hours a day, will use the equivalent of 22.8 days of the average British household's energy consumption.

With the recent energy price increases we are encouraging homeowners to think carefully about the electricity they use in the run up to Christmas and have come up with some top tips to help people save energy.

Our top tips for saving energy this Christmas are:

1. Swap traditional Christmas lights for LED ones as they are cheaper to run.
2. Remember to turn off the lights in any rooms you aren't using.
3. Switch off any electrical appliances left on standby when you've finished using them. And only charge laptops and mobile phones when you need to.
4. When using the oven, keep the door shut as much as you can and make big batches of food whenever possible to improve your energy efficiency.
5. Defrost food overnight rather than microwaving it.

Many homeowners are also unaware of the savings that could be made by installing solar panels.

For people who don't want a traditional PV solar array fitted to their roof, our Pluginsolarpanels are a great alternative.

Pluginsolarpanels can be plugged into a 13amp socket and the power generated gets fed into the normal circuitry so solar energy is prioritised for use before drawing from the grid. The free electricity can be used to offset the power consumption of items such as Christmas lighting, fridges and televisions.

We can also offer battery storage solutions for large PV arrays and for our Pluginsolarpanels. By enabling people to store any unused energy from the panels, it means they are then able to use it at other times, such as in the evening.

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