Chance to use solar power at night
Thursday, 24 October 2013 15:16

HOMEOWNERS who are already taking advantage of solar power can from this month (October, 2013) onwards store the energy they produce so they can use it whenever they need it.

We have developed the PV Watt-Box so that people can store any excess energy produced by their solar panels during the day for use in the evening.

Our PV Watt-Box is a great solution for people who already have solar panels or are thinking of installing them and want to be able to store the energy produced for use at another time.

Without the PV Watt-Box any electricity generated by the solar panels that doesn't get used is exported back to the national grid. Our product enables people to store that unused energy so they can use it at other times.

For example, people who aren't at home during the day can store the energy collected by the panels and use it in the evening instead.

When the energy from the PV Watt-Box runs out the national grid supply will automatically be used.

The PV Watt-Box is slimline and we would recommend it is situated in a garage or outhouse. The installation takes no longer than a day and is completed by our qualified engineers.

An additional advantage of the box is that in the event of a power cut the energy stored by the box will automatically be used to provide electricity to the home.

For further information about the PV Watt-Box, please call us on 01823 481329.

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