Solar solution to power outbuildings
Thursday, 10 October 2013 16:38

ECO-CONSCIOUS people who aren't able to power their animal enclosures, barns or sheds using mains electricity can use a new solar alternative from this month (October, 2013) onwards.

We have developed a Plugin Watt-box, which enables people to provide off-grid electricity for outbuildings using solar power.

Following on from the success of our Pluginsolarpanels, we are excited to announce our new product, the Plugin Watt-box.

This is a great solution for people who want to power outbuildings but aren't able to use mains electricity.

The product contains batteries, which are charged by our Pluginsolarpanels. The Pluginsolarpanels can be mounted on barns, greenhouses and sheds or positioned freestanding in open spaces.

People simply plug the panels into the Plugin Watt-box. The energy produced by the panel is then stored by the Watt-box where it is converted into 230 volts AC. This energy can then be used to power all manner of applications and appliances such as garden tools, lighting, electric fencing or recharge emergency mobile phones and torches.

The Plugin Watt-box comes in two output capacities 500 watts (w) and 800w and produces enough energy to run five low energy light bulbs for up to 10 or 22 hours respectively.

The Plugin Watt-box can either be hard wired into a circuit or used as a portable unit. The 13amp socket outlet on the unit enables people to use the power by plugging their appliance in. If the circuit is overloaded an alarm will sound.

The Plugin Watt-box is a great way to produce green electricity without the bills.

For further information about the Plugin Watt-box, please call us on 01823 481329.

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