Monitor Your PV Systems
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 00:00

Whilst our PV systems have continued to deliver power to you over the festive break we too have been working away in the background analysing and testing new products which we feel would benefit our customers old & new. Our latest is a very simple desktop monitoring device which clearly displays with the aid of colours and digital displays, the power used by your property and the output of your PV system at any time.

This unit is very clear to read and can instantly, from a distance tell you if you are using power from the grid or running directly off of your PV system.

As can be seen from the photo’s the unit will glow Red when you are using more power than expected, switch to Purple when you are consuming your average power, glow Blue when you are using a low amount of power and change to Green when you are running solely on your PV system. In addition to this you can easily download the history data to your PC with the aid of a USB lead and free software provided.

It will fit onto most installations (existing or new) regardless of type of panels & inverter and priced at £159.00 including VAT and fitting is well worth considering. Please call us for further information or to place an order.




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