Commercial Systems


Solar Systems, experts in solar technology, provide high quality, reliable and within budget solutions for customers and investors.

Combined with over 30 years of working on commercial projects as part of our electrical portfolio, Solar Systems has been installing solutions since 2008, being one of the first MCS accredited companies in the South West.

Our local team excel in providing market leading services and advice on the best solar options for your land, barn or commercial building.

Earn an income from your land or roof top

  • Double digit returns
  • Range of funding options; from capital to leasing your land/roof,
    to zero customer capital expenditure through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).
  • Receive support throughout with leading advice at pre-design stage, design specification,
    proposal development, planning guidance, customer care and on-going monitoring to insure your investment.


Solar Systems will provide you with solutions to generate income from your land or barn roofs. The proposals will match your funding requirements and ensure you have maximised returns. You can own the system and gain significant annual returns, or lease your land for an annual income.


Installing solar onto your building will assist in your quest to reduce energy bills whilst receiving an annual income. Capital projects will provide you with strong returns on investment and fast paybacks. Alternatively, reduce your bills through no capital outlay, but pay for cheap electricity through a PPA.


Solar PV, through an annual income, will assist in reducing your energy bill and also generate a net income to pay for other costs your building may have. Solar Systems will help identify possible funding options and grants, should you prefer a non-capital approach.

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