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Based in the heart of Somerset, the seed was sown for Solar Systems three years ago by its owner, Philip Grabham, whose interest in environmental issues raised his awareness of solar technology.

Having set up and managed an electrical company for nearly thirty years, it became obvious that as Government committed and announced their intentions to introduce an incentive payment scheme, demand for alternative energy would increase.

Over time a thorough in depth knowledge of the solar industry was acquired and all the necessary accreditations required to operate a successful business were firmly put in place.

The Company as a whole have accumulated a wealth of experience working with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Indeed by 2010, in conjunction with Enecsys, Solar Systems pioneered the first installations of micro inverters in the South West.

It is the Company’s ethos to use the latest and best technology available and by being committed, with a well-established history, Solar Systems have the advantage to access quality and assess products that will meet customer’s needs, both financially and environmentally.

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