Solar Energy: A Look at Earth’s Economical and Best Unconventional Energy

In the last three decades, the issue of climate change has become a serious concern of many nations in the world due to human activities.
Since the advent of mining fossil oil as a source of fuel, the effects of using these fuel products had caused great havoc on every living being on our planet. Fuel combustion releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, which, in turn, destroys the layer that shields the Earth from direct sunlight and, as a result, leads to global warming.
Global warming leads to an increase in the Earth's temperature, causing environmental hazards. In a bit to curb this menace, solar energy proves to be the most dependable source of energy for human use.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the radiation from the sun, which green plants harness and convert it to chemical energy to produce food for itself in a process called photosynthesis. Also, solar energy can be trapped in electrical energy and other forms of energy, using different modern-day technologies.

Why is Solar Energy so Important?

Solar energy is the cleanest and far better source of energy for our planet. Here are some of the reasons it is so:

1. The Solar Energy Is a Renewable Source

Renewable sources of energy are energy sources obtained naturally. They are always there for human use, and they do not deplete or change form when it is being used. Solar energy is one of the long available and reusable sources of energy. The use of solar energy in place of combustible fuel preserves life on Earth.
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2. Solar Energy Removes Excess CO2 from the Atmosphere

The issue with CO2 in our atmosphere is that when it is released from the combustion of fuel, it goes up in the atmosphere and traps the radiation energy from the sun. As a result, this radiation bounces heat back to the atmosphere destroying the ozone layer, a protective layer of the Earth from direct sunlight. Once this happens, the Earth gets heated up by direct sunlight, causing the arctic ice to melt, which thereby increases sea-level leading to flooding.
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3. Solar Energy is a Cheap Source

The cost of running solar energy is more economical than other sources of energy. As long as the sun keeps shining, the energy from it can be trapped and used to generate electricity without an intermediary.
If we want to save the Earth habitable for life, then we need to embrace solar energy as a major source of energy for our gadgets, appliances, vehicles, and so on; avoid combustion of fuel and allow solar energy into the system.

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